Soccer is a game which has given the world some matches that cannot be matched by matches of any sport. Sure, there are baseball games and football games that we consider part of the world sport history. The problem is that most of the world does not agree. What they agree on is that the following soccer matches will forever be remembered.

The first of these, even though it is not an official soccer match in any sense is the game of soccer played between the British and the German troops during World War I. It was during the Christmas Truce of 1914 when they met in no man’s land and had a game of soccer. Funnily enough, it was the Germans who brought the ball and who instigated the match, showing that soccer does not care there is a World War going on. Nothing can prevent people from playing soccer, not even the biggest war the world has seen to that year.

Then, there was the game between England and Hungary in 1953. The English side were the obvious favorites to win. It was as if Michael Jordan’s Chicago Bulls from the 90s faced off your school team. No one expected the Hungarians to put up anything resembling resistance to the English who were the alpha and omega of soccer at the time. Hungarians came to England, to Wembley stadium and destroyed the English by 6 goals to 3. It showed that no one is invincible and that innovation is what makes a soccer team win.

There was also the 1986 quarter-final clash between Argentina and, hell, once again England. Maradona was at full force and this was the first time these two sides met since the Falkland War. Argentineans had a bone to pick and Maradona made it happen. First of all, he scored a goal with his hand, the Hand of God as he calls it to this day and then he scored another goal by waltzing straight through the entire England’s defense, showing what an individual can do in soccer and how important pure soccer genius can be, even in a high stakes match like that one.

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